UK Deaf Poker 2013 Main Event report

80 players turned up and got ready for hours of poker actions! We could have 81 players but I spotted something was not right when I observed a young gentleman who looking nervous in the queue to register, he turned out to be hearing so we politely told him the event is for Deaf players only so he left. Stephen Draper along with Oliver Westbury assisting open speech and awarded Ahmed Mudawi a trophy of UK Deaf Poker Online Championship which he won 2 months ago, also congratulated Alan Chapman for took down High Roller event on previous night or rather few hours before!!

Stefan Weitmann was one of most poker enthusiasts I have ever known and have played in various locations in Europe and Las Vegas, perhaps too keen when he ran his aces into a set of 8 ended his 2013 UK Deaf Poker dream at level one! His villain was Ali Er.

Few hours later we got final table line-up
1) Memnos Costi (London)                           33,500
2) Dennis Dillion (London)                             123,500
3) Mark McMenamin (Glasgow)   119,000
4) Natalia Drytchak (London)                       110,000
5) Peter Warman (London)                           118,500
6) Alex Smirnov (London)                              36,000
7) Joseph Devine (Glasgow)                         72,000
8) Mark Scott (London)                  13,000
9) Stephen Dickinson (Manchester)            21,500
10) Mike McCrarren (Northampton)          154,000

Seat 4 & 5 are in personal relationship themselves so it’d be interesting how they played against each other! Memnos who finished 3rd last year and watched out for final-table veterans Joseph Devine and Dennis Dillon.

h=heart, d=diamond, s=spade and c=club x=unknown. e.g. Td9c means ten of diamond and nine of club.

6k/3k blinds
Alex open-shoved with TT and Memnos called with AJ, Memnos spiked a Jack on 29J44 board. Left Alex a bowl of 2.5k chips.
Next hand alex shipped in his remained stack, both Mike and Peter called. Both checked 9hAd9c. 9d Mike led out 12k bet and Peter fold. Mike showed Tc8d! Miraculously Alex won with Queen high (Q7) when unknown river didn’t help Mike.

Next hand, Memnos, Natalia, Peter called and Alex called & pushed for his last 6k chips.  Flop 5h5c3d. Peter bet 12k, all fold except for committed Alex. Peter showed 88, Alex needed 6 outs to hit his A9 hand. Turn 5s, River Qc. Peter got full house.

10th Alex Smirnov (£80)

8k/4k Blinds
Mike and Natalia called, Mark Scott had only 3.5k and was on small blind so he was committed, Steven Dickinson checked his BB.
Mike led out 8k bet on Th3sKh flop, Natalia raised to 16k, Steven fold but Mike called.
Turn 2h, Mike checked, Natalia forced Mike to fold by 12k bet. Natalia got 33 so hit a set of 3, left Mark Scott’s J4 no chance. River 7d.

9th Mark Scott (£80)

On board of 4c8s6cJc, Mike shipped in 87k and Mark McMenamin tanked for minute and decided to called with Tc9c and hit flush, but Mike got nut flush with Ac2c so left Mark no hope, river 9h. Left Mark short-stacked.

Next hand, Mark open-shoved with AhQh, Steven with only 5k called. Steven’s 33 held up on 2s7c2c5c8s.

Mark had no choice but shoved with 9d4c, Natalia called with AdKs but mark survived with a set of 9 on 8s9h7h9cJh.
Steven on small blind with 62 outranked by Mark McMenamin’s Q4.

8th Steven Dickinson (£120)

Memnos was doubled up by Natalia when Memnos pushed his last 20k and hit straight with his AK v A7 on 6TQJ9.

Mark M called with offsuited AQ and Mike pushed all-in with KdQh for his last 56k, Mike took it down by hit straight on TJA86. Left Mark only 2.5k.

Next hand, Joseph pushed with 87 suited, Mark is committed on his small blind KhTh, Mark’s hand held for king high on 4292A.

Mike limped in for 12k, Mark called/pushed for his last 10.5k, Natalia called, Both Mike and Natalia had same hand of A7 and checked throughout on JK6Q8 so Mark survived again with straight!

Dennis pushed 67k with 77, Joseph was tanked but eventually called with AcTc and spiked an ace on 9A2J6. Left Dennis 2 big blind stack.

Dennis on UTG shoved his last 23.5k with Ks8s, Peter called with QsTh, Memnos on BB fold. Flop KQQ86,

7th Dennis Dillon (£160)

Mark on Big blind with 7.5k so he was committed. Natalia called UTG with K8, Mike called. K8T, checked-checked. Natalia bet 30k when turn showed Ts. Mike fold. Natalia got two pairs, Mark’s 82 too had 2 pairs but not good enough!

6th Mark McMenamin (£200)

Joseph open-shoved with suited KJ, Natalia on BB called with suited T4 who hit a pair of 4 on 24825.

5th Joseph Devine (£260)

All fold to blinds. Natalia called his SB with KhJh, Peter checked his 3h2h. Flop showed 7hAhTh, Natalia bet 65k & Peter responded with a push all-in! Not exact a friendly couple. Natalia won for nut flush was doubled-up to 314k.

One orbit later, the couple was at a war again when Natalia checked her SB with TT, Peter pushed his short stack with AQ. Natalia’s hand held up on J7579.

4th Peter Warman (£380)

Memnos pushed with 9d3d, Both Natalia and Mike called and saw flop of 5K9-T-9. Mike won with 55 and took some of Natalia’s stack too. Natalia had K7.
Memnos who finished 3rd last year so finished in same place again!

3rd Memnos Costi (£560)

Final Headup hand
Natalia called with 6s6h in position, Mike checked his BB (6d3c).
Flop 5c 4h Kc
Turn 2c
Mike hit his straight, rather than trapped his opponent, mike shoved and Natalia to chase gutshot and might think her 66 might be best at this point.
River Qh.

Runner-up Natalia Drytchak (£840)
Winner – Mike McCrarren (£1320 and APAT Seat)

Mike McCrarren has decided to play APAT English Championship at G Casino in Coventry on June 29th, so UK Deaf Poker wishes Mike good luck! Ahmed who won Online Championship back in April has not yet decided which APAT tour to go for.

We would like to say thank you all for your time to filled the feedback form that we will look into it and improvement for next year 2014

UK Deafpoker team

High Roller Result

25 Runners

Final Table Seats/Names/Stacks
1) Ben Simpson        4,400
2) Johan Isacsson        47,000
3) Alan Chapman        64,500
4) Neil Fox        35,600
5) Peter Singh        28,000
6) Leo Chabert        14,300
7) Neil Thompson        53,400
8) Joseph Devine        14,900
9) Tavir Shah        31,400
10) Damon Delaney        5,500

10th Damon Delaney – His AQ was busted against Tavir’s KJ on JT93J

9th Ben Simpson – Joseph open-shoved with his kings and Ben called with AK, Flop of KTT virtually ended Ben’s hopes. Turn/River showed 74

8th Peter Singh – Alan Chapman called with QJ, Peter shoved with 77, Alan hit 2 pairs when the board ran out JTQ99.

7th Tavir Shah – Tavir tried his luck with A4 unfortunately Neil Fox woke up with AK and hit straight on 25Q9T.

6th Johan Isacsson – He was massive favourite with his AJ against Chapman’s A3 but somehow got the set of 3 on QK33J!

5th Neil Thompson – Neil’s AQ was outlucked by Joseph Devine’s KQ on 77KT3.

4th Leo Chabert (£250) – Short-stacked Leo open-shoved with AT and chip leader Alan called with K8, The board showed 969J8 so Alan hit 2 pairs of 9 and 8.

At this point, the play went on for a little while but all three remained players felt tiring and decided to split prizes equally, £750 each and agreed that Alan Chapman get the trophy!

3rd Neil Fox (£750)

2nd Joseph Devine (£750)

1st Alan Chapman (£750 and won 2013 High Roller Championship)