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High Roller Result

25 Runners

Final Table Seats/Names/Stacks
1) Ben Simpson        4,400
2) Johan Isacsson        47,000
3) Alan Chapman        64,500
4) Neil Fox        35,600
5) Peter Singh        28,000
6) Leo Chabert        14,300
7) Neil Thompson        53,400
8) Joseph Devine        14,900
9) Tavir Shah        31,400
10) Damon Delaney        5,500

10th Damon Delaney – His AQ was busted against Tavir’s KJ on JT93J

9th Ben Simpson – Joseph open-shoved with his kings and Ben called with AK, Flop of KTT virtually ended Ben’s hopes. Turn/River showed 74

8th Peter Singh – Alan Chapman called with QJ, Peter shoved with 77, Alan hit 2 pairs when the board ran out JTQ99.

7th Tavir Shah – Tavir tried his luck with A4 unfortunately Neil Fox woke up with AK and hit straight on 25Q9T.

6th Johan Isacsson – He was massive favourite with his AJ against Chapman’s A3 but somehow got the set of 3 on QK33J!

5th Neil Thompson – Neil’s AQ was outlucked by Joseph Devine’s KQ on 77KT3.

4th Leo Chabert (£250) – Short-stacked Leo open-shoved with AT and chip leader Alan called with K8, The board showed 969J8 so Alan hit 2 pairs of 9 and 8.

At this point, the play went on for a little while but all three remained players felt tiring and decided to split prizes equally, £750 each and agreed that Alan Chapman get the trophy!

3rd Neil Fox (£750)

2nd Joseph Devine (£750)

1st Alan Chapman (£750 and won 2013 High Roller Championship)