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Series V – 9th June 2012 added event!

Main Event Travel added a new event for UK Deaf Poker Series 7 main event on their website

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UK Deaf Poker Series V 2012

Saturday 9th June 2012.

Entries: 141 Players

141 runners in the tournament (£50+£5 buy in) is the new record for most number of players in the deaf poker tournament in the world.

Prize Money: £6,905

Final table of ten players


Winner of UK Deaf Poker Series V: Osman Basri – £2,335


Runner up – Neil Thompson – £1,310


3rd: Memnos Costi – £830


4th: Kabwe Kabosha – £580


5th: Carlos Drysdale – £450


6th: Carol Preston – £310


7th: Jim Richards – £240


8th: Sylvain Dwek – £170


9th Mike MC Crarren – £140


10th: Dennis Dillon – £100


11th: Harald Jonans – £100


12th: Jeremy Machu – £100


13th: Migle Kleizaite- £100


14th: Kristopher Bauld – £70


15th: Paul Withers – £70


Final table – Count chips

Osman: 230,000
Dennis: 64000
Sylvain: 112000
Neil: 195000
Carol: 47000
Mark: 62000
Jim: 177000
Carlos: 140000
Kabwe: 134000
Memnos: 204000

Click here for more photos – Series 5 Photo Gallery

Thank you for joined us the UK Deaf Poker Series V 2012 main tournament and hope you enjoyed yourself.

See you next year June 2013.

Friday night 8th June – £100 high roller tournament

18 runners joined this £100 buy in tournament in the Star City this evening..

12.05am: 9 players left….

3.05am hearing rebuy had 174 runners. Gordon Douglas from leicester is 9th. Chris Campbell front Wales 4th!. 4 deafies were in on 2 tables left. not bad.

4.10am high roller not yet finished!

4.20am Neil Fox winner. Bob Sharp came 2nd place.

Neil Fox finished 1st, UKDP 5th Series High Roller Champion!

Bob Sharp finished 2nd

Natalia Drytchak finished 3rd

Dwek finished 4th

Fox AJ beats Drytchak AT with flush.

Fox went all in with AK and Kabosha called with A9. Fox AK holds up with 2 pairs

Now, next main tournament today! Watch this space. 🙂

New Series 5

Good news, please keep June 9th date FREE as our next UK Deaf Poker Series 5 main event will take place in Birmingham!

We will announce with full information next week…..

Thank you