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London Deaf Poker Open – June 2015 conditions and terms

Maximum number of players :
Side Event 1: 66
Side Event 2: 30
Side Event 3: 60
Main Event: 200

How much is Prizepool:
We will not announce any prizepool until after we know number of registered and re-entered players.

How many places do players get paid?
Standard 10% field plus 1 or 2 extra. For example if we gets 130 players then 14 or 15 get paid.

Event(s) opening/registering/starting time:
Event 1: St John’s Deaf Club opens at 6pm and then starts at 7pm sharply.
Aspers Casino is opening 24/7
Event 2: Registering from 10.30am and starts at 11am sharply.
Event 3: Registering from 11.30am and starts at 12pm sharply.
Main Event: Registering from 6pm and starts at 7pm sharply.

Starting stack and blind structure:
Event 1: 10,000 with 15 minutes levels
Event 2: 10,000 with 20 minutes levels
Event 3: 5,000 with 10 minutes levels
Main Event: 15,000 with 20 minute levels

Will there be professional dealers:
Event 1: No except final table.
Event 2: Yes
Event 3: Yes
Main Event: Yes

Can we pay deposit or full buy-in now?
No, all players need to register at the venue and pay buy-on on the day of the event.

Age policy:
18 years old and over.

Can I bring childrens?
No, not ever dogs!

Can I bring guests?
Yes, the guests must be 18+ and might be required to provide proof of age so tell your guests to take these IDs with them.

Can hearing people participate in any of the events?
Side Event 1 only as long as they know some basic British Sign Language.

Which poker variant is used?
All events use Texas Hold Em Unlimited

Can players re-enter?
Yes, Only ONE Re-enter only.

** All players must bring an appropriated ID which states your age (Driving Licence or Passport) **

Do I get a ticket for my seat?
No, just take either your membership card or ID to verify your name on the list.

Can I reserve my place?
Yes, the seats are sold on a first come first served basis. However you are required to contact us again between 22nd and 29th May 2015 to confirm that you are still going.

Go to http://www.deafpoker.co.uk/regions/london/terms-conditions/ to copy, edit and paste registration form and then email us info@deafpoker.co.uk.

Thank you for your time to read FAQ.